Desired Events Team Profile

A Professional DJ for over 12 years now, with the knowledge of what song to play and when DJ Dee has become a DJ with a big reputation as he makes sure that every guest has an amazing time no matter what the event.
Dee is very conformable with all Genres of music and has that capability of going the extra mile with his MC abilities.
DJ Dee has played in many venues across the UK and also conducted destination Weddings & Receptions in Mexico, Italy & India.
A Professional DJ now for 20 years, DJ Cogs is Known to be one of the UK's best DJs and has performed alongside some of the worlds best Punjabi artist like Diljit Dosangh & Malkit Singh.
DJ Cogs is also exceptional when it comes to his song selection and has amazing mixing capabilities along with a special voice on the mic. Dj Cogs Has no problems when it comes to his knowledge of music from English, Bollywood, Bhangra & even House or Garage.
DJ Tali, a unique DJ with an eye for detail where it would be the music or shows that he creates, DJ Tali has been in the industry for 15 years and has a vast knowledge of music from the 80s, the 90s to current chart Bhangra & English, he has hosted many events before where it would be a Wedding Reception a Birthday or even a small Mehndi Party, booking DJ Tali would mean that you would have one of the most experienced DJs in the UK.
As a DJ, Taj has been described in many ways, but innovative  and cutting edge are the 2 best ways to describe Dj Taj's style, after 15 years in the music industry Taj has made a name for himself by remaining ahead of the game not only  his music choice but with the way he plays it as well, with long flowing mixes that seamlessly blend one into the next. DJ Taj has the ability to take control of the crowd and give them a night to remember.


At any event, most people will see the DJ as the main part of the event, but there is a lot of hard work that goes in before you or any of your guest walk in and that hard work is done by the likes of Garry Aujla. Garry has been apart of the team since it was founded and a lot of the hard graft is done by him, he also is a lighting specialist and really does do some brilliant work to create some spectacular lighting shows.